Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quilt Squares for Layla's Sisters

The Isaiah 43:1 Project is teaming up with Heather of Olive and Ollie and Candace of Cotton Candie Fabric to make a quilt (or two) in honor of Layla Grace and her family.

What a wonderful gift to Layla's older sisters to have for years and years to a sweet memory of their little sister (read her dad's most recent post on her condition).

Read their family blog at and view their Flickr photos for inspiration...

Then create your quilt square - finished dimensions to be 7.5" x 7.5" square.

Heather has graciously offered to coordinate our e-mails and questions - she will give you the mailing address for Candace (who is putting the quilts together for us!).

Please e-mail Heather at when you have finished your square(s) and are ready to ship.

Deadline is in one week - let's get these quilts made for her sisters!

Will you join me?

Heather writes, "When you send the block, please be sure to include your name and blog address. We want to make sure that everyone who makes a block gets credit and is included in the card that we’ll send to the Marsh family with the quilts."

(For more inspiration, visit Candace's fabric shop.)

Leave a comment here if you will be participating so I may link to your site/blog too. Thank you!!


  1. Would love to be included, thanks for the invite!
    Best, Nancy

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! We're already getting a great response. If this project is successful, its something we would love to continue!

  3. Nancy, thank you so much! I can't wait to see your square on the quilt.

    Candace, thanks to YOU and Heather for organizing and to YOU for making our quilt! I would love to continue too.

    In His Love - Sally

  4. that is such a sweet sweet idea.

  5. Are you still looking for squares? I would love to send one :)